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Student Opportunity Announcements

Top up scholarship in wetland ecology/biogeochemistry

Aquatic biodiversity and biogeochemical processes in urban wetlands
PhD Scholarship top up of AUD $10,000 pa
CRC for Water Sensitive Cities and the Schools of Biological Science and Chemistry
Monash University

The traditional reason for constructing wetlands within urban regions is to improve water quality, primarily through the removal of nutrients. In the past, wetlands have been regarded as a black box, with hydraulic loading rate and residence time being the most important factors. In reality, nutrient processing is very strongly influenced by the flora and fauna present within a wetland. This PhD project will identify and investigate the key relationships between biodiversity and nutrient processes within wetlands and the underlying sources of carbon driving aquatic foodwebs. A major aim is to determine how urban waterways can be designed to increase biodiversity values whilst also performing water treatment and other ecosystem service functions.

The project will be jointly supervised by Professor Jenny Davis (Biological Sciences) and Associate Professor Michael Grace and Dr Perran Cook (Water Studies Centre, Chemistry).

The top up scholarship is dependent upon the receipt of an Australian Postgraduate Award or an International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (~AUD$25000 pa). Please complete the application form for an APA or an IPRS available on the School of Biological Sciences, Monash University website:
Contact Professor Jenny Davis (,
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