Position Announcements

Research Specialist-Project Manager

The Aguilar and Cuhel laboratories at the Great Lakes WATER Institute are dedicated to research and research education in biogeochemical cycling of nutrients and community structure of plankton in Lake Michigan. We are seeking a Research Specialist to anchor the research program. Shipboard and laboratory proficiency are necessary, with scheduling flexibility for regular cruises on the RV Neeskay up to 18 hours and other field opportunities as they arise.

Responsibilities include:
-Measure dissolved and particulate materials in water samples
-General laboratory procedures: preparation of reagents, documentation
and maintenance of samples, care of equipment, data management, ordering
of supplies
-Prepare for and conduct Lake Michigan and other sample collection
-Collect and analyze phytoplankton and zooplankton
-Process phytoplankton samples for microscopy and molecular analysis
-Assist in supervision of undergraduate student assistants
-Communication and outreach

Minimum Qualifications:    
-Bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry or fields related to aquatic
sciences (earned by the start date of the appointment).
-Minimum of 3 years experience in aquatic field studies.
-Strong working knowledge of biology and chemistry with an interest in
aquatic sciences.
-Computer and quantitative skills including databases and statistics.
-Experience in boat-based aquatic system sampling.
-Ability to deploy, recover, and sample from electronic and traditional
water and sediment samplers.
-Shipboard and laboratory proficiency.
-Scheduling flexibility for regular cruises and other field opportunities.

Preferred Qualifications:    
-Master’s degree in an appropriate core or applied science field.
-Experience in microscopic identification and enumeration of
phytoplankton and/or zooplankton.
-Experience in laboratory management.
-Experience in photo/video editing.
-Experience in maintenance of living cultures.
-Proficiency with instrumental analysis in a laboratory setting.

Special Instructions to Applicants:    
  A complete application MUST include a cover letter outlining
qualifications and interests along with a resume that includes three
references that can speak to the applicant’s ability and their contact
information. This is a continuous recruitment. Applications received
after March 2, 2014 may not receive consideration.