Position Announcements

IBS Director in Science of Global and Regional Environmental Change

The Institute for Basic Science (IBS) invites applications for the directorship positions of research centers. Following research areas are designated under “Science of Global and Regional Environmental Change”. One research center may be established in each designated research area.

  • ○ Anthropogenic Climate Forcing and Biogeochemical Cycles
  • ○ Climate Physics
  • ○ Responses of Marine Ecosystem
  • ○ The Coastal Zone including Extreme Events
  • ○ Integrated Impact Assessment
  • ○ Other related research areas 

 The IBS was established by the Korean government in November 2011 in order to become a world-class research institute in the basic science. The director has authority over research-center operations (e.g., budget allocation, staff composition, research topics). Each IBS research center will include a director and several group leaders. Each group leader is responsible for a specific group within the research center. Each group leader has authority over and responsibility for research topics, 5-10 staff members, the budget, and more. 

  All candidates must have world-class research credentials, or must be able to demonstrate potential to achieve first-rate research in the future. All candidates must be able to commit themselves completely in the long-term to IBS research activities. All candidates must be able to direct and manage their respective research centers.

  All information on this position, including role, qualification, and appointment of the directorship, details of the designated research fields, application form, and selection procedure, is available at IBS homepage ( http://www.ibs.re.kr/en/careers/brainReturn.jsp). 

Please send your application as a single PDF to: http://www.ibs.re.kr/en/apply .

※ Applications will remain open for two years from the announcement date; applications submitted before January 31, 2014 will be reviewed first.

If you have any questions, please phone us on: (+82)-42-878-8172 or email us at: evaluation@ibs.re.kr