Position Announcements

Postdoctoral position in Physical Oceanography

This postdoctoral position is motivated by future high resolution altimetric missions (SWOT, COMPIRA) which will provide information about ocean fluctuations with scales below 100 km. The turbulent dynamics at these scales plays an important role for exchange between the ocean interior and the surface. A new method for estimating the three dimensional circulation (horizontal and vertical) and nbsp;within 500 meters of the ocean surface has been developed at the Laboratoire de Physique des Océans (LPO). The method is based on sea level (and/or surface temperature) distribution(s) and lower resolution hydrographic information (e.g., ARGO profilers). and nbsp;Recent results suggest that internal tides with scales lower than 100 km could complicate analysis of the high resolution altimetric observations. The goal of this position is first to assess the impact of internal tides on the reconstruction method mentioned above using high resolution, process-oriented numerical simulations. The reconstruction method will then be extended in order to account for internal tides. On top of improving our capacity to observe the oceanic 3D dynamics from remote sensing, this study will eventually improve estimates of the vertical pumping of nutrients by mesoscale eddies and submesoscale structures, which is important for biological processes.