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PDF -- Lake metabolism and HABs affecting drinking water utility

Postdoctoral Fellowship  available: Limnology -- Understanding lake metabolism and nuisance algal metabolites in a prairie drinking water supply
I am seeking a Postdoctoral fellow for a new project aimed at linking an improved understanding of lake ecology to drinking water treatment processes.  
The successful applicant will work with a team of researchers across two universities, partnered with a water utility, and provincial government researchers.  The PDF will work with a unique long-term database, and sensor-based technology to identify predictors of bloom risk, and periods of high algal productivity affecting drinking water treatment processes.  The successful applicant will have a solid foundation in limnology, strong quantitative skills, and experience with, or ability to learn skills necessary for working with sensor-based technology.  Research will involve field and laboratory work, and requires someone who enjoys working within a team setting.  Applications will be reviewed as they are submitted, and preference will be given to applicants interested in an early start date.  

Location:  This position is at the University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, Canada) within the Global Institute for Water Security (www.usask.ca/water).   The institute hosts a multidisciplinary group of water researchers, and offers outstanding training opportunities and facilities for water-related research.  The student will work with Dr. Helen Baulch (http://homepage.usask.ca/~hmb925/index.php) and with numerous project collaborators.    

To express interest in the position, please send a CV and cover letter outlining your background and interests to Helen Baulch (helen.baulch@usask.ca).  Informal inquiries are also welcome.