Position Announcements

Limnology, senior lecturer/assoc prof

We are seeking a highly qualified Senior lecturer for the Limnology program at the Department of Ecology and Genetics. The research at the Limnology program comprises three research directions, i.e., 1) aquatic community and population interactions, 2) biogeochemistry and climate impact, or 3) microbial ecology (see http://www.ebc.uu.se/Research/IEG/limno/Research/). 
This recruitment is aimed to fill a need for a leading scientist with a special focus on the development of our field station, the Erken Laboratory (http://www.ebc.uu.se/Research/IEG/erken/?languageId=1). The position includes research, teaching, and administration. The holder of the position will be responsible for the management and development of the Erken Laboratory.
Qualifications required, assessment criteria, and other information is provided at http://www.uu.se/jobb/teacher/annonsvisning?languageId=1&tarContentId=249860
Application deadline is August 29, 2013. For questions, contact Lars Tranvik, lars.tranvik@ebc.uu.se.