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Marine Ecology Research Technician with Experience in Genomic Approaches

The Marine Environmental Research Center at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology is seeking a Marine Ecology or Biology technician with experience in modern genomic methods. The successful candidate will be responsible for collecting and processing samples applying innovative tools (metagenetic, metagenomic, next generation sequencing) in characterizing marine communities. The candidate should have experience in Marine Ecology or Marine Biology with strong laboratory and field experience, and the demonstrated ability to work effectively within multidisciplinary research teams.
The responsibilities of the position include:
1. Responsible for collecting and processing samples from pelagic and benthic environments by metagenetic, metagenomic and next generation sequencing.
2. Contribute to the writing of project proposals and manuscripts.
The ideal candidate is expected to have the following qualifications:
1. MSc in Molecular Biology, Marine Biology or related field and more than 2 years of experience with molecular biology methods (e.g. DNA and RNA quantification, PCR) and equipment.
2. Experience on the metagenetic and metagenomic approaches for characterizing marine communities is preferential. Candidates with sound knowledge of molecular biology methods and protocols are preferred.
2. Fluent in English, both spoken and written.
3. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
4. Experience writing formal and scientific reports.
This position is listed as job posting 2352 BR on the KAUST web site.
For further information about the position please contact Dr. Susana Carvalho (Susana.Carvalho@KAUST.edu.sa).