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ASLO Election 2017

The 2017 ASLO elections are now open. The terms of the ASLO board of directors are staggered to ensure that experienced board members are always present. This year, you will be selecting:

One Treasurer (current Treasurer running unopposed)
Three Members-at-large
One Student Board Member

If needed, a written ballot can be sent upon request from the ASLO Business Office (

Candidate statements may be viewed by clicking on the candidate's name below.

Voting ends at midnight April 1, 2017.

This is a non-working copy of the ballot. To vote, please cast your ballot at:
2017 ASLO Ballot Form

Ballot Form

If you have any question concerning the ballot form, please contact the Web Editor.

Your member identification number will not be recorded together with your ballot; this is a secret ballot system. Please check that your member ID appears correctly below.
Step One: Rank the candidates

ASLO uses a voting system that allows you to express your preferences with a graded response. Under this voting system, you will use the letter “A” for your first choice, “B” for your second, and so on to your least favorite. You should put a letter next to each candidate, and if possible use the entire range of scores to express your preferences. If you feel that two candidates are indistinguishable, you may put the same letter for more than one candidate. We will compute the overall ranking of candidates using the Borda Count procedure.

Individual candidate statements can be viewed by clicking on the candidate's name.

   Phillip Taylor Check to indicate approval
MEMBERS–AT–LARGEhighest   lowest
   Greg Cutter ABCDE
   Kim Wickland ABCDE
   Robert Chen ABCDE
   Diana Varela ABCDE
   Amina Pollard ABCDE
   Kimberley Bitterwolf ABC 
   Ngozi Margaret Oguguah ABC 
   Cécilia Barouillet ABC 
Step Two: Submit Your Vote