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The ASLO Online Media Library is a freely accessible public repository of images and videos related to the aquatic sciences, including anything from the depths of the ocean to freshwater lakes, from microscopic to large organisms, from our effect as humans on the environment to how we sample and observe the different habitats with our tools and instruments.

It captures the diversity of the aquatic realm and of the work carried out by numerous dedicated scientists throughout the world. In this continually growing database, students, teachers, scientists and the general public alike can choose from over 2,300 images to use and download as required for educational purposes.

The Online Media Library is handled by a subcommittee of the Education and Human Resources Committee. to learn more about its members, please refer to the committee page.


We encourage all users of the Library to fill out a short online registration form. Click on the "Go to the Online Media Library" link, and then on the Register button. You can select your own user name and will receive a password. It only takes a minute or two, and only needs to be done once. Images donated by registered users will be shown along with their registration name. Registered users are also entitled to move, delete and edit their own images, and can add any image in the Library to a "My Favorites" album for easy retrieval.

Contributing Images

Only registered users are allowed to upload images. Click on the "Go to the Online Media Library" link, then click on "Login" and enter your username and password to access the Library. If you don't have an Online Media Library login yet, please register.

Go to "Upload" and select the appropriate category of the Online Media Library (General, Lakes and Reservoirs, Wetlands, Rivers and Streams, Estuaries, Coastal Ocean, Open Ocean, Organisms, Sampling Techniques, People). Click the "browse" button to locate the image on your computer, and then click ""open". You should enter a title, keywords and description of the image. You may elect to be notified by email when users leave comments about your images. When you have completed the upload form, click "upload/submit". A message will appear telling you whether or not the upload was successful.

When you have finished uploading images, you may log out of the Online Media Library. This is optional, but will prevent unauthorized access to your donated images.

All images will be reviewed by the ASLO Web Editor.