Characterization of the diversity of marine RNA viruses

Alexander I. Culley, Curtis A. Suttle, and Grieg F. Steward

Full Citation: Culley, A. I., C. A. Suttle, and G. F. Steward. 2010. Characterization of the diversity of marine RNA viruses, p. 193-201. In S. W. Wilhelm, M. G. Weinbauer, and C. A. Suttle [eds.], Manual of Aquatic Viral Ecology. ASLO. [DOI 10.4319/mave.2010.978-0-9845591-0-7.193]

ABSTRACT: The diversity of ribonucleic acid (RNA) viruses in the ocean and the ongoing isolation and characterization of RNA viruses that infect important primary producers suggests that RNA viruses are active members of the marine microbial assemblage. At this point, little is known about the composition, dynamics, and ecology of the RNA virioplankton. In this chapter, we describe two methods to assess RNA virus diversity from seawater.