Purification of viruses by centrifugation

Janice E. Lawrence and Grieg F. Steward

Full Citation: Lawrence, J. E., and G. F. Steward. 2010. Purification of viruses by centrifugation, p. 166-181. In S. W. Wilhelm, M. G. Weinbauer, and C. A. Suttle [eds.], Manual of Aquatic Viral Ecology. ASLO. [DOI 10.4319/mave.2010.978-0-9845591-0-7.166]

ABSTRACT: Ultracentrifugation provides a means to concentrate, analyze, and purify viruses in solution, and therefore represents an invaluable tool for aquatic virologists. This chapter reviews the theory of ultracentrifugation and presents the technical knowledge necessary for an investigator to adapt or develop methods to meet his or her needs. Detailed protocols for the purification of viruses from culture lysates and vial assemblages from natural water samples are provided.