Quantification of aquatic viruses by flow cytometry

Corina P.D. Brussaard, Jérôme P. Payet, Christian Winter, and Markus G. Weinbauer

Full Citation: Brussaard, C. P. D., J. P. Payet, C. Winter, and M. G. Weinbauer. 2010. Quantification of aquatic viruses by flow cytometry, p. 102-109. In S. W. Wilhelm, M. G. Weinbauer, and C. A. Suttle [eds.], Manual of Aquatic Viral Ecology. ASLO. [DOI 10.4319/mave.2010.978-0-9845591-0-7.102]

ABSTRACT: For many laboratories, flow cytometry is becoming the routine method for quantifying viruses in aquatic systems because of its high reproducibility, high sample throughput, and ability to distinguish several subpopulations of viruses. Comparison of viral counts between flow cytometry and epifluorescence microscopy typically shows slopes that are statistically not distinguishable from 1, thus confirming the usefulness of flow cytometry. Here we describe in detail all steps in the procedure, discuss potential problems, and offer solutions.